New Parallella Product Offerings


When we launched the “$99 Parallella project” on Kickstarter in 2012, the goal was to “democratize access to supercomputing”. With a $99 price point, we knew that we would not make a profit, but we figured the value of reaching the whole world with our technology was enough of a reward for Adapteva as a company. With over 8,500 boards shipped to 75 countries (and over 150 Universities), we are certainly off to a great start!

Despite the enormous interest, it’s going take years until our Epiphany chip business can stand on its own. This is just the reality of the semiconductor design-in cycle. This means that despite the generous investment from Ericsson and Carmel Ventures, we can no longer afford to subsidize the cost of the Parallella boards and will have to raise the price slightly so that everyone involved can stay motivated (including Adapteva, our US manufacture, and our distributors). As we the sales ramp up, we will work hard to reduce prices and bring to market Parallella versions at $99 and below!

The great news is that these new products will all ship with a larger heatsink and an improved power supply included so the ramp-up process is MUCH simpler. This new bundling is in response to loud and clear feedback from our Kickstater backers. “Get rid of the fan!”


The “Desktop” Parallella version is currently in stock at and should ship via Amazon within 24-48 hours. (US customers only, international distribution starting soon). The “Microserver” and “Embedded” Parallella boards will be available in stock within a few weeks.

Still not convinced that the Parallella is something special? Check out some of the open source projects below.

Look forward to hearing from all of you and seeing the projects you create!

Andreas Olofsson
Founder/CEO at Adapteva


Community Examples:


Check out some of the demo videos/examples from early users below! Slowly but surely, the evidence is accumulating that the Parallella platform delivers!

  • “r-opencl”: R Running on Parallella
  • “kinect_test”: Kinect demo running with only 1 Epiphany core utilized (lots of headroom!)
  • “aobench”: Raytracing demo
  • “john”: John the ripper demo (25x more efficient than GPUs on Epiphany-IV)
  • “Para-para”: Hello world examples for MPI, OpenMP, and OpenCL runs out of the box with Ubuntu 14.04 image
  • “Lena”: 2D FFT based filtering example

All of the examples are open source and available at:



  • You crew are amazing, genuinely awesome people. Thank you for listening to the community and coming up with a solution that no longer requires a fan and the Microserver edition. I’m sure most of us will understand that it’s not always feasible to sell at a particular price point and won’t begrudge Adapteva doing what it can to stay afloat while trying to revolutionise computing like you are.

    Really can’t wait for international distributors though! 😀

  • jdschuitemaker says:

    How do we as Kickstarter supporters getting our hands on such a heatsink?

  • dhanhurley says:

    Hi People, Actions speak louder than words….. When is the 64-CORE COMPUTER AVAILABLE IN EUROPE ( GERMANY & SWITZERLAND ) ??? WHAT WILL THE PRICE BE ( NO MONEY, NO HONEY )? If it helps, i applied last year… FOR :- LEARNING PARALLEL PROGRAMMING, MUSIK. 3-D SCANNING & PRINTING , particulary for ART PROJECTS…… Ciao .. Dhan Hurley … …….

  • “international distribution starting soon”

    Any clues on how much we’ll have to wait? A month or so?
    Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these! 😀

  • Will initial backers get a larger heatsink?

  • Anonymous says:

    This is only the 7010. Many of us are waiting for the 7020. When are those coming out?

  • anon says:

    What about the 64-core and 7020?

  • First of all, PLEASE DON’T SHOUT…

    If you read previous recent posts, they explain in the comments that Parallella 64 probably won’t be produced because not enough money for the stretch goal was reached in the Kickstarter campaign.

  • The Comment Police says:

    Calm down there, sir.

  • gceline says:

    We hope to have availability this month

  • gceline says:

    Unfortunately we had to make modifications to fit the large heatsink so they are not compatible with older boards

  • Ty says:

    Hi, I think there a lot of us who are very keen to see the 64 core board become a reality. Perhaps another kickstarter campaign to get the project up and running again. 64 cores for a few hundred dollars would truly be the revolution many of us have hoped for from Adapteva.

  • Ty says:

    Hi, your store is sold out again. Congrats, you seem to have a lot of USA buyers. I’m not so fortunate. I live in Australia. Is there a back order option for international buyers?

  • H377PH1R3 says:

    Out of curiosity, is it possible for us to buy the micro server version and solder usb and hdmi onto it? The contact points are obviously still there.

  • Well, this has already been asked (and answered) in the recent post about Parallella 64. I still don’t get to understand the reason…

  • fatman45 says:

    Doesn’t look like it. If you look at the picture, the micro server is missing at least two ICs in addition to the connectors.

  • Anonymous says:

    It would be great if this heat sink could be sold to existing Prlla owners…

  • Bill LaChenal (London) says:

    Congratulations on the progress.


    I’m not going to shout. I expect you can hear me over there in your comfortable U/S enclave.
    But was there not an understanding that you might supply the low-cost boards to supporters outside of the USA as well?

    We saw, “some product ready for sale, discounted for early subscribers” – “sorry, US only” – “inexpensive pioneer boards sold out” – “new boards available, higher price” – “U/S only” ..

    Didn’t quite get to the explicit “Hallo, world, and F*%# You if you are not One of Us” – but that’s what we can hear when we read your actions.

    I might say, we see that as a typically self-centred American attitude; it comes with a long history of offering cooperation on important projects, but not coming up with the goods when it comes to sharing results.

    Altogether what we, over the pond here in England, call a “poor show”. We’re used to it from you people. Shame on me, I suppose.

  • Mike Chambers says:

    I’m sure this was a hard decision, but I believe it is the right one: Adapteva needs to be profitable in order to bring 64, 1024 and larger core models to market. I also applaud the decision to separate into the three models, maintaining an entry point accessible to students.

    I also hope that this will position Adapteva to move toward a second generation product based on the Zynq 7015 (which in most respects is more advanced than the 7020).


  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the response! How about the 64-core models? Will those also be available?

  • Another Anonymous says:

    Even when I would kill to get one of the 64 core boards, probably would be very useless. I think there is no Linux distribution so tuned that could route all its duties through all those cores. We the standard users could more effectively take advantage of the 16 cores rather than the 64. Probably only the Enterprise markets could leverage all its power. But they won’t knock Adapteva’s door. Sadly 🙁

    BTW. This commenting system sucks so much. It deleted my comment twice before clicking the post button.

  • Another Anonymous says:

    Hi Adapteva. Could you add SATA power and data connectors to connect a SSD like the Cubieboard? And would be great that it could boot up from that SSD, instead from the slow SD card. Its so sad that you improve so much the architecture just to create a bottleneck with the SD card.

  • Another Anonymous says:

    What about the video? The Raspberry Pi can play 1080p video. Is the same for the Parallella board? Is it possible to improve it to 4K video? Probably your “Desktop” cards won’t be so much until you address this.

  • […] Amazon US. The Microserver and Embedded versions will be available in a few weeks. You can read the announcement on the company website, where you’ll also find some interesting projects (videos) that have […]

  • Nobody of Import says:

    The examples point to a bigger picture. Now, the question would be…when can we lay hands on a 64-core beast- and how much damage would it be or a PCI-E card with it on there?

  • Andrew Back says:

    The same heatsink cannot be used with Kickstarter boards due to the higher profile capacitors adjacent to the Zynq and Epiphany chips. However, a similar heatsink could be used if machined to accommodate those taller parts.

  • Andrew Back says:

    64-core boards are not going to be available anywhere in the short term, as only a limited number of E64 chips were made. 16-core boards will be available in Europe later this month.

  • Andrew Back says:

    Hi Bill, I understand that you are frustrated at not having been able to secure hardware thus far, but if you could please keep it civil and consider that setting up global distribution may not be as simple as you imagine. The intention is, and always has been, to make Parallella available to all and at as low a cost as possible and is sustainable. Thousands of boards have previously been shipped to Europe and plenty more will be available soon. If you could just be a little more patient and, please, lay off the insults — definitely not cool and any such further remarks will result in comments not being approved for obvious reasons.

  • Andrew Back says:

    SATA is not going to be added to the Parallella board, but it might be possible to make a daughter card which provides a SATA interface. Although a simpler solution would be to use something like ATA over Ethernet or iSCSI etc.

  • Ty says:

    Thanks for the clarification about the 64 core boards. I managed to find the comments about it in blog post 53; and now in the comments here. I hope I’m not overstepping my welcome by suggesting that you write a blog post about this specifically. Most people, like me, won’t read the comments all that often. There is clearly a continuing expectation that 64 core boards are on the cards. I must admit I’ve sat on the fence a bit because I’m most interested in the 64 cores. It’s true they’re not for the general public right now but with a boost from the software engineering community we might just see a whole new breed of personal computing emerge. This stuff isn’t just for the data centre – remember the Apple I; no one could even imagine what it would be useful for when it was created… I can’t wait for ultra-parallelism in the consumer space. When it comes the things we will do with our computers now will seem like the typewriter seems today: almost useless.

  • Bill LaChenal (London) says:

    My apologies, I did not know that “thousands of boards have previously been shipped to Europe”, since I had not seen any, and every offer I’ve seen so far – in particular the early, cheaper models – has excluded the UK. Dhanhurley (he of the CAPITALS) seems to have shared that experience. I concede it could have been an oversight of mine; maybe I had missed the UK offers – no doubt you can confirm that. I did not realise that you have made every best effort to include your world-wide supporters in your discounted offers of the product. And I have now read your later reply (July 16, 2014,6:51am) that 16-core boards will be available in Europe later this month (July). I look forward to that and I hope you will have been able to keep prices for import to a reasonable minimum. Regrettably, I must stand by my remarks about American-centric attitudes and one-sidedness in political & business agreements having a long & bad history; you may appreciate it can raise temperatures – but I apologise if my characterisation of the perceived US attitude (particularly in regard to Limeys) was excessively robust. And I know of couse that you are not personally responsible for the actions of your compatriots, which have on many occasions definitely not been cool. I continue to wish the project and yourself the best of luck & determination to succeed.

  • Yep, that’s true. I remember they promoted the Epiphany processors by
    comparing them… but they were talking about the 64-core version,
    which is not going to be produced. 🙁

  • I was wondering that too. Raspberry Pi has a powerful graphics card which is able to decode most codecs.
    This is not the case for Parallella. You’re left with the two ARM cores for “traditional” software decoding,
    or someone can write decoders that specifically target the Epiphany cores.

  • The architecture doesn’t work like that. If I got it correctly, you have two ARM cores. These are the “standard” cores that Linux runs on. Then there’s a separated Epiphany co-processor (16 or 64 cores) that is left for *you* to program using the SDK. Linux doesn’t run on the Epiphany cores, nor it routes data; you have to do that. Having 64 cores doesn’t change anything for Linux.

  • Jules Nijst says:

    I just could not believe my eyes when I read Bill LaChenal comments. Does he even realize that without the US we probably would not even have parallel-processor-boards like these ?
    Then giving these pompous replies as if the world owes you something.

    To all Americans reading this, please be aware that in Europe (including the UK) rude people like these are the exception rather than the rule. But this is a hard one, he sees only his own ‘right’ and has it not in him to show any remorse, pity the guy really.

    What is his hurry ? If you had started the project 6 months later, everybody would accepted a later date for receiving boards.


  • Leon Heller says:

    Could the capacitors be changed, for lower profile ones?

  • When can you get more cores on the chip? Well done guys.

  • Skywalker says:

    Well… he did apologize…

    Hello. How do I get my hands of the book?

  • Girish says:

    Just discovered your blog. I can’t wait for this to come out also. My nan, who paessd away quite a few years ago, always left the house in style – with spritz of Chanel and a box of Tic Tacs to boot.

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    Dear sir

    am interested to buy this board. we are building our own GPS receiver for that we are realizing RF front end using MAX2769
    and to realize Complete GPS Receiver with parallella board am not finding any software support. As you told Parallella Hardware and
    software is opensource. if it is so please provide the Supporting information.

  • Cami says:

    That saves me. Thanks for being so seisebln!

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