Parallella for real time weather predictions

Re: Parallella for real time weather predictions

Postby sebraa » Mon Jan 30, 2017 11:57 am

lenoxx wrote:To reiterate the original post, "Can I ascertain Epipheny cores and parllella cluster can work with WRF?"
To reiterate the previous answers:
- You can not run Perl on the Epiphany cores, and Perl can not utilize them directly.
- Each Epiphany core has a hard memory limit of 32 KB (core and data) and there is no hardware support for double-precision floating point or any division.
- I am not aware of any port.
If your problem can fit into these requirements, then you can go ahead and port the application to the Epiphany.

However, you can run your application on the Parallella, utilizing the ARM cores only. This is probably not a good idea.
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