How to program QSPI ?

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How to program QSPI ?

Postby maxchen » Fri Dec 23, 2016 1:24 am

I want to learn verilog and the zynq soc, so I need to program the on-board QSPI.
With the JTAG connected and I can program the FPGA and run bare metal app in the PS side of zynq.
But when I want to program the on-board QSPI, it fail.

I have a Parallella-16 Pre-Order (October Delivery) - With GPIO / Zynq7010 with order number #2113 with paratile breakout board.
By using Vivado 2016.3 program_flash have this error:
Code: Select all
Retrieving Flash info...
Initialization done, programming the memory
BOOT_MODE REG = 0x00000000
f probe 0 0 0
Performing Erase Operation...
Erase Operation successful.
INFO: [Xicom 50-44] Elapsed time = 0 sec.
Performing Program Operation...
Program Operation successful.
INFO: [Xicom 50-44] Elapsed time = 8 sec.
Performing Verify Operation...
0%...INFO: [Xicom 50-44] Elapsed time = 0 sec.
Verify Operation unsuccessful.

ERROR: Flash Operation Failed

If I drop the -verify option, it said Program successful but after I remove JTAG and boot the board,
My app did not work and uboot is still in the QSPI.
Any idea ?
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