Programming parallella board

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Programming parallella board

Postby Riwa » Thu Sep 17, 2015 2:26 pm


this might be simple question
I have build an SD card image for booting linux an it, headless Parallella platform system, used Tera Term as terminal, I have included a bitstream, so the PL is programmed I think.
Now I want to execute a hello world C code , I don't know the steps to do that, should I include an the .elf file of hello world in the same folder of rootfs before inserting the SD card?
I have no idea how to execute a program in the arm host in headless mode.

Can you explain the process of executing a C code in ARM host in this SD headless mode or pass any link to understand

thank you
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Re: Programming parallella board

Postby sebraa » Thu Sep 17, 2015 10:12 pm

Connect the Parallella board to your local router.
Connect the power supply and wait for a minute or two.
Go to your router's web page and find the Parallella's IP address.
Download PuTTY and connect to this IP address using SSH. Use "parallella" as username and password; for older images, use "linaro" as username and password.

Then you should be in a common ARM Linux environment, which behaves like a PC Linux environment (text only, though).
Use any guide which explains how to execute C code on Linux.
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