Message passing to join APL nodes ?

Message passing to join APL nodes ?

Postby Dr.BeauWebber » Tue Sep 17, 2013 7:10 pm

The very interesting work being done in these threads appear to be what is needed to join APL nodes together with message passing.
So far, in the APL discussions, I have been considering APL nodes running in individual cores.
What I would like is ideally the situation when APL code was running on the Transputer, with message passing interfaces joining these processes via Unix (Helios) pipes.
I am currently post-editing the compiled aplc c-code so that it outputs its data to the Linux host via a simple interface buffer, but what is needed is, I think, just such a message passing interface.
May I ask how far people working on these interfaces are from creating something that can be used to build an inter-core communication harness, that data can be piped through, for these cores running APL ?
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