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Re: shut down by software

Postby timpart » Fri Jul 04, 2014 6:36 am

paran wrote:2) Headless connection - >is it through second usb connector or through 3 pins or ethernet?

3) Why ubuntu linaro -> was it tested before on parallella and it worked before?

2) The second USB connector can only be used as an alternative power source, not to communicate with the board. Headless basically removes the HDMI functionality. So you would have to use the 3 pins or ethernet to communicate with the board and another device to act as a terminal and display the output.

(You could use a USB keyboard but I think that session would put its output to the non-existent HDMI output, so you would at best be working blind, assuming it didn't crash.)

3) I wasn't involved in the design, but originally the Epiphany chip was put on a daughter card made as an add on to a Zedboard, so I guess that was a known route as the main board runs that operating system.

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