getting my hands on the Parallella Embedded Board

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getting my hands on the Parallella Embedded Board

Postby jlambrecht » Wed Jun 07, 2017 9:34 pm

Hey People,

It's a story of comming full circle. Had a look at parallella drifted off to FPGA, got interested in FPGA, wanted to buy a board, found the Parallella board is priced favourably.

Because the use of the Zync 7020 i wanted to purchase the Parallella Embedded board but i cannot find any. Please tell me how to get one.

I've considered building my own board with a PLCC socket etc. But i'm just one guy for now and i'm very uncertain how to move ahead. The reason i want the embedded board is the much higher LUT count than on the other boards. I don't want to run out of LUT and CELLs on the FPGA.


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