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This comment came from the "Parallel python design" thread - I'm copying it to it's own thread here.

camara wrote:Mark,

Have you considered talking to the pypy folks ( or #pypy on freenode). They already have a backend for arm I believe for v7 and on going work to support v6. They have started work on STM (software transaction memory) for parallel processing which potential could be helpful for the Parallella project. A backend for Epiphany would need to be created which could take a couple of man months and then some work would need to be done to bridge between the arm and epiphany cores which I'm sure would be doable given the pypy architecture.

Any way, its just something to consider.

John M. Camara

If someone wanted to look into this, that would be great.
Questions to consider:
- what's the memory footprint of the JIT'ed code (for some simple example) + plus the support code (such as garbage collector) ?
- Can the JIT produce C code - the RPython toolchain has a C backend, but does the next level up (the interpreter/JIT produced from the interpreter written in RPython) ? If so, it should be easy enough to compile the final code with the Epiphany SDK
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Re: pypy

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I intend to look into this over the summer, there is quite a bit of scope for some interesting work.
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