Version 1.0 of ePython

Version 1.0 of ePython

Postby polas » Wed Nov 09, 2016 10:12 pm

Hi - I have merged the latest changes to ePython into master which makes a version 1.0 release, there are loads of improvements/bug fixes/enhancements here (such as full memory management, garbage collection, proper support for multi-dimensional arrays, non-blocking P2P communications, task farms, functions as first class values, native function calls and proper support for resizable lists.) So it is definitely work upgrading (instructions how to do this at

There are a few important points to note, all the Python modules have been moved to a modules directory rather than the top level (this makes it far cleaner.) This should be picked up automatically if you follow the upgrade instructions but if not for some reason then you will need to update your PYTHONPATH to point to this directory. Also note that previous versions of ePython were a bit loose with the syntax, for instance it allowed you to execute random directly rather than call the appropriate function in the random module. This has been tightened up (and some tightening up of the syntax around array definition too), all the examples and tutorials (in the repo and this blog) have been updated but some old codes that you developed yourself with might need minor modification to ensure they comply and are legal Python. If you look in the examples and docs directories you will see what is needed, feel free to post in this forum with any questions you may have.

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