M2OS released with Epiphany support

M2OS released with Epiphany support

Postby SKyd3R » Fri Mar 06, 2020 12:33 pm

¡¡Hello everyone!!

I have got great news: the public released of M2OS, which includes Epiphany's support.

M2OS is a small real-time operating system that allows running multitasking applications in small microcontrollers with scarce memory resources.
M2OS implements a simple scheduling policy based on non-preemptive one-shot tasks, which requires a very small memory footprint. Because the same stack area can be shared by all the tasks and, consequently, the system only needs to allocate a stack area large enough to fit the largest task stack.
M2OS is written in Ada and it is the base of a simplified Run-Time System for the GNAT Ada compiler.
All the information can be located at the M2OS webpage and it has a GPLv3 (or later) licence.

M2OS has been released with support for the following architectures:

The fonts of M2OS and everything else needed (except for the typically needed development tools) are located at the download page.
There is also documentation of the M2OS and specific for the Epiphany (with a user's guide).

Console output for each eCore and synchronized messages between eCores are implemented for the Epiphany architecture.

I hope everyone can enjoy this OS.

I will be paying attention to this thread in case any question/feedback is posted.
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