Smart camera

Smart camera

Postby zodane » Thu Nov 27, 2014 7:27 pm


I'm thinking to get a Parallella EMBEDDED PLATFORM for my work, i'm worried about documentation on Parallella and i'm hesitating between zedboard and Parallella
I need "Porcupine" expansion board to connect a camera, the camera should be connected to kintex not to the ARM so i can build a hardware design that can be later implemented in the sensor.
What is the maximum resolution that i can use for the sensor. Can any one suggest a sensor

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Re: Smart camera

Postby 9600 » Fri Nov 28, 2014 11:22 am

You can't buy Porcupine boards at present, but you can request one from Adapteva by posting to this thread.

My guess is that you can use as high a resolution sensor as you can afford!

Parallella is pretty much akin to a ZedBoard plus Epiphany chip, and in fact the prototypes were precisely this: a ZedBoard with an Epiphany FMC module. The only thing you might want to check is how much GPIO the Parallella Embedded has vs. ZedBoard, so that you can be sure you will have sufficient for whatever sensor you plan to interface.


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