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Parabuntu 18.04

PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 1:19 pm
by ajtravis
If you're not aware of it, please have a look at the discussion about Parabuntu 18.04 at:

I've just posted a comment about the USB PHY initialisation.

@xuminready: I believe one reason that Parallella has failed to become an equivalent to the Raspberry-Pi for parallel computing is that its USB PHY does not initialise reliably despite many people, including Adapteva, trying to find out the reason why. I would prioritise re-writing the USB PHY initialisation when you rebuild the FPGA code to make sure that the USB PHY is set up correctly. Adapteva have denied there is a USB issue and recommend the use of specific USB cables and powered hubs to initialise the USB PHY properly. However, in my tests and those of other people using exactly the PSU, powered hub and OTG cable the USB seldom initialises. This makes it very difficult to use the Parallella as a 'desktop' computer with a USB keyboard+mouse. I know it can be used with a serial connection to the UART or SSH if networked, but the USB is there for a reason, as it is on the raspberry Pi: To use the SBC with a USB keyboard+mouse.

Please help us to prevent Parallella fading to black!