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How to change the Epiphany core voltage

PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:36 am
by aolofsson
If you are interested in changing the value of the Epiphany core voltage you can do so through the I2C bus on the board.

Why would you want to do mess around with the voltage on the Parallella?

  • Reduce voltage to reduce power. You may need to also throttle the frequency, lower voltage means lower speed.
  • Increase voltage to improve system stability. Some devices are running pretty close to the edge in terms of frequency
  • Overclock! If you also change the clock frequency in the FPGA logic you could extend beyond 600MHz (depends on specific device).

Here is a reference script written by Fred showing how it's done. (see file) ... management

Note that the Epiphany chip does not tolerate voltages above 1.2V so be careful!