A guide to examples and how-to-guides

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A guide to examples and how-to-guides

Postby aolofsson » Thu Mar 06, 2014 11:35 am

Reading and understanding the reference manuals and underlying theory is essential as a starting point for any engineering project, but it's rarely enough. This forum is dedicated to instructive examples that show how to apply the theory in practice. "An example is worth a thousand lines of text".:-)

Here are some guidelines for publishing an example:
    *Keep it simple. Short and sweet examples are best for teaching.
    *How to "..." makes for a good introduction
    *Show the exact code. (no pseudo code)
    *Make sure the code is self explanatory for all levels of coders not just experts
    *Publish the complete example, complete with build instructions.
    *We recommend to place it at: http://github.com/parallella/parallella-examples
    *Assign a license.(Either BSD or "do whatever you want with it" license)

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