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Postby pgater » Sun Aug 10, 2014 9:36 am


Was running my board for about five hours yesterday when the power adaptor failed and got into the blinking green led syndrome. :(

Setup as follows :-

Using a US to UK adaptor on UK 240V supply. Due to HDMI issues (probably my monitor) was connected to the board using WinSCP and Putty, which was working well :D A powered USB hub was connected to the USB port by the HDMI connector, but I had removed the keyboard and mouse as I was using my main machine to input and it was just powering the fans. All of a sudden lost contact with the board and the green LED's started blinking together. Note, I have been following this thread and before I even used the power supply checked its output with my voltmeter to ensure it was OK. Finally I had the power supply and the USB power supply plugged into the same strip so that both come on and go off together.

Yesterday was the first time I had really managed to get work done on the board for a serious length of time. Due to the various issues mentioned, plus I have been distracted looking at Contiki and also trying to improve from a terrible C programer to a passable C programmer( :lol: ) is the reason that it has taken so long to get stuck into using the board. :P

I will get hold of another power supply, I think Maplins do a UK one that works (ref Dr Webber) as I have found using the US/UK adaptor awkward. I will contact support to see if you want this back to sort out your supplier! :mrgreen:

I do not want to make a song and dance about this, but for other people to learn from my experience. :!:


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