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Postby peteasa » Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:41 pm

Hi Alan,
I see from the official ubuntu release that the HDMI bit bin files have now been added - (https://github.com/parallella/parabuntu ... 791f27e197 parallella_e16_hdmi_gpiose_7010.bit.bin,zynq-parallella.dtb \ parallella_e16_hdmi_gpiose_7020.bit.bin,zynq-parallella.dtb" ). I suspect that that is the best way to quickly build an SD card with the appropriate files. Full instructions in the usual place at http://www.parallella.org/create-sdcard/ and release notes at https://github.com/parallella/parabuntu ... -2016.11.1. If you want to build a distribution from scratch with the yocto this still works for me and I can give you help.. but I suspect from your post that you just want to download and get running as quickly as possible so go for the official release. I have read in other posts that people have problems with USB and sound.. I do not have these problems at the moment so again if you want to build your own from scratch then I can provide help but the fastest route is via the official release above.

Hope this helps.

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