Random behavior when running examples

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Random behavior when running examples

Postby EclecticMonk » Sun Sep 07, 2014 6:52 pm

Hi there,

I've been using one board with an unmodified image for demonstration purposes, basically running the provided examples AS-IS to show students what it's possible to do with it, and give them some exposure beyond the books.

However, I've noticed that the behavior is pretty random and the system seems unstable. For example, sometimes the system does not detect the USB keyboard and mouse during booting getting stuck in the login screen. This usually is solved with a couple of reboots.

Also, the examples exhibit random behavior. When running Mandelbrot and Blobubska, the output can be not getting anything in the display, running for a while and stop at some point, hang the system, or sometimes running just fine. I used to blame the heat in the chip for the failed outputs, but I noticed the behavior is pretty random without a pattern. Not much a problem right now, since in a worst case I just need a quick reboot to fix it, but it would become a problem in the mid term, specially if using the board remotely.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior? If so, would it be more software or hardware related?

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