[Article] ARL OpenSHMEM for Epiphany

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[Article] ARL OpenSHMEM for Epiphany

Postby jar » Wed Apr 26, 2017 5:35 am

https://www.parallella.org/2017/04/26/o ... -epiphany/

I made a major update on GitHub yesterday. In my opinion, this library ought to replace, or at least augment, the device-side e-lib library. It is the missing piece to develop high performance applications with non-trivial parallelism using an industry standard, portable interface. You can use it with COPRTHR-2 or the eSDK. You can use it as a pre-compiled library (archive) or header-only library for higher performance and smaller programs. The routines have been optimized more than all other approaches presented for Epiphany.

Comments regarding bugs or feature requests are appreciated on GitHub. https://github.com/USArmyResearchLab/openshmem-epiphany

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