Parallella 3.14 image availability

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Parallella 3.14 image availability

Postby gordon » Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:35 am

I am using COPRTHR 2.0.1 SDK for parallel programming on parallella, but the company website states that the latest SDK is not compatible with the latest image viz. 4.6 but for an older 3.14 image. I tried to search for the images but couldn't find them. Can anyone please provide any link. Also is there an alternate compiler/platform for parallel computing on the parallella.
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Re: Parallella 3.14 image availability

Postby jar » Thu Jun 01, 2017 4:48 pm

This should be the location of the older image but it seems like the FTP server is having issues at the moment...

I asked the COPRTHR 2.0.1 developer to upload the SDK that supports the current image (2016.11).

The eSDK supports the Parallella, but I would avoid using it directly.

If you want a standard parallel programming model on the device (Epiphany) side, I prefer OpenSHMEM (compatible with COPRTHR and eSDK):

But there are others:
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