github asicguy gplgpu --> FPGA 7020

Using Zynq Programmable Logic and Xilinx tools to create custom board configurations

github asicguy gplgpu --> FPGA 7020

Postby adexmont » Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:38 am ... -released/

Just came through this old post and i wasn't able to answer at the question:
Is it possible to insert this gpu IP in the fpga ?
Do i have enough space and I/O to fit this gpu IP in fpga ?
Can i do this with vivado (fere version for linux) ? (answer: no i can't but someone in the community may be able)

This may be non sense question because i still no able to understand how working with fpga (and having hard days while using parallella as an everyday pc).
Thanks again .
At my eyes this may provide a base for an eventual evolution of the basic image but overall this should give the basis to the dedicated gpu branch (a possible graphic card connected via samtec connectors)

PS Thinking but not sure if I should sell my parallella and buy a RBpi because all ppl that I know and that understand how parallella work told me that. (I wondering that because RBpi don't have a parallel structure and my focus in on having an os or some daemon/software of linux discharged to epiphany but it's not going to happen by me and looks like community will not get this in short time).
Sorry if running too much in siencfiction, hope you can see some useful hint in my words (that's why i'm hopeless)
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Re: github asicguy gplgpu --> FPGA 7020

Postby sebraa » Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:27 pm

This design is not suited to the Parallella as is. It is basically a 90's-era graphics card for use in a PC.

While it is a PCI device, it does support the AXI interface used by the Zynq. However, it is not only a GPU, but a full graphics card. It is supposed to directly interface to a VGA monitor and video memory. So you can't combine it with the existing HDMI system on the Parallella, and it can't use the available memory either. Also, PC-style VGA cards are uncommon on ARM boards, so don't expect driver support even for 2D.
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