Developing Multi Dimensional Tree & Natural Relatedness

Developing Multi Dimensional Tree & Natural Relatedness

Postby Seremonia » Thu Jan 23, 2014 4:27 pm

It's a request.

I have algorithm for artificial intelligence to track knowledge base intelligently, as natural as the work of human’s brain.

As you know that knowledge base on artificial intelligence could be developed using prolog programming or any kind of artificial intelligence programming language, but if we have different way to track nodes within knowledge base or neural networking, then the result will not be the same. The same neural network with different ways to trace will give different result. While on my side, my system has capability to trace the same as previously known as AI knowledge base, but it's more natural, closer to the work of human’s brain.

Very Brief Explanation

Most popular and general way to retrieve information within Knowledge Base Network is by tracking hierarchical within Knowledge Base Network , and further determine the relevancy.

But VektoQual system has different way of tracking this network. It’s by unpacking natural code of all affirmations, all at once, and retrieve natural value from them, and then pick the highest value as most relevant affirmation.

Not only that. There is more than this, especially making it more closer to the work of human’s brain. It’s by providing dynamic activities within artificial intelligence process. It’s by qualifying dynamically to provide actual qualifying and therefore it will be closer to current state (situation).

With VektoQual we will get:

- Tracing the structure of knowledge base naturally, including
- Adapt naturally that would make the system having ability to expand the knowledge naturally (natural learning system)

The result will be highly natural from any possible side of the structure of artificial intelligence network.

Related to my case, i need knowledge base that could be embedded to my system (by using spreadsheet forms rather hierarchical forms) and tracing it naturally as human’s brain did so that i can retrieve naturally relevant information (regarding to user’s request). This will be used as performance test.

But currently, i have done this successfully by simulating it with my own huge data. The result is natural as i predicted previously and mimic the work of human’s brain. It’s like you are facing windows vista operating system and through Help System you need to find specific guidance. Where VektoQual has the same function but it works naturally.

So, my previous obstacle already solved. That my system was working as natural artificial intelligence, The only problem it’s very slow. According to my experiences, i could only count almost instantly around 10 rows and ten thousand columns. Beyond that, it’s slow (i am using rather old laptop, intel dual core processor, 1 GB RAM), but when i tried on different computer with higher spec. than mine, the result was great, that normally can be used.

Further, currently, i have no other way to expand my project to lift up even closer to real application, since i have limitation on hardware and programming capability. That’s my ultimate goal, to apply my knowledge on artificial intelligence to be developed as real strong and complete application as artificial intelligence system.

Since my essential trouble was solved perfectly, then my next intention is to find out whether you can help me to build my knowledge within the structure of artificial intelligence system.

Let me know what should i do? And if you let me join to develop my long obsession on this. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me through email Anyone can help me to pass my obsession to an appropriate channel?

An attached file included.

This might be temporarily submitted, therefore while you are contacting me (pm), this may no longer exist because of any possible reasons with no obligation to re-open it. Thank you for your understanding. Warmest :=)
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Re: Developing Multi Dimensional Tree & Natural Relatedness

Postby roberto » Sun Feb 09, 2014 1:15 pm

As far as I understood, you are facing an efficiency problem. In other words, I suspect you code is not optimized to use all the "horse power" of the hardware.

I read a book apout Prolog programmin, and as far as I understood, is not done with efficiency in mind, but was released to facilitate the coding to the Programmer (you). More, it is a mono-thread mono-task language, and this is a strong limit to use multicore/multithread hardware.

So, first think if you can move to a more efficent language (C language) all the program, or at least the "engine" of the knowledge base. Furthermore use multithread programming, to take adwantage of the hardware.

If you have not skills in this field, have a look here:

I hope you can get success.
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