GNUradio binary packages

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GNUradio binary packages

Postby tnt » Mon Aug 12, 2013 8:28 am


I've taken the PPA made by Alexandry Csete ( ) and built it for armhf, it's available here : ... ary-armhf/

(I didn't have time to test much yet, it built overnight).

I built most of the packages natively on a rev0 board, without anything special, just using dpkg-buildpackage. Using an external USB harddrive to get the space and make a swap file. But I don't think the swap file was even used.

The only package were I did something special is GNURadio itself. Basically I used distcc to distribute the compilation to my laptop cross-compiler. So the pre-processing is done on the ARM, it ships the result to my laptop for cross compilation and gets back object files and then link locally. This way the steps that requires include/libraries are done on the ARM itself and you just need a cross compiler.


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