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Documentation Links

PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:20 pm
by aolofsson

Before working with your Parallella board or asking questions on the forum I encourage you to read through the following set of documents:

Parallella Quick Start Guide:

Parallella Reference Manual:

Parallella Board Schematic:

Epiphany Quick Reference Card:

Epiphany Architecture Reference Manual:

Epiphany SDK Manual:

Epiphany-III Datasheet (includes errata list):

Epiphany-IV Datasheet (includes errata list):

These document links will not change going forward, making it easy to remember/bookmark them. Each reference document is tagged with a date stamp in the footer that shows the release date. Outdated versions will be placed in the "docs/old" directory for posterity.

We do appreciate feedback so please tell us if anything in the manuals is unclear (or incorrect)!

Good luck!