Quick Start Guide
STEP 1: Acquire all accessories
STEP 2: Create a bootable SD Card
STEP 3: Read disclaimers
STEP 4: Connect peripherals, heatsink, and apply power
STEP 5: Login


1. Ensure that you have the required accessories

  • A high quality 2000mA rated 5V DC power supply with 5.5mm OD / 2.1mm ID center positive polarity plug.
  • A micro HDMI to HDMI cable.
  • A USB male Micro-B to female Standard-A cable.
  • An ethernet cable
  • A fan (highly recommended!)

2. Create a bootable micro-SD card

 Instructions for creating an SD card

3. Disclaimers

  • The board does get hot so you have to take precautions to cool the board properly. Before letting the board run for hours, you must ensure that the board doesn’t overheat. (preferably by using the ‘xtemp’ utility.)
  • Boards used in fanless configuration must be placed vertically.
  • Like all electronics, the Parallella is sensitive to static discharge and must be handled appropriately.
  • If you were shipped a board before March 1st, 2014, then you must use a conforming powered USB hub.
  • If you were shipped a board before July 10th, 2014 then you must use a fan with the board. (we do still recommend a fan for all customers, especially if you are going to push the performance of the board)

4. Connect peripherals, fit heatsink, and apply power

  • Connect the cables as indicated by #1-4 in the picture above
  • Ensure proper cooling using a separate fan or case
  • Apply power (#6 in picture)

5. Login

A login screen will appear if the system is connected to a monitor.

For screen-less systems, login in to the system over ethernet using ‘ssh’ or equivalent utility.

User: parallella

Password: parallella

Bring your own code or grab one of the example projects from the open source repositories below:

Visit the Parallella forums to join the community and share your experiences!